The longest and thinnest country in the world runs from the Andes to the Pacific. From the high Andean plateau to the untouched southern territories at the end of the world, Chile invites you to live adventurously. On an epic scale, one can explore Patagonia which is synonymous to hiking, gigantic glaciers, abundant emerald lakes and lush forest. These cultural and climatic contrasts have left an imprint on the identity of the country and its people. Warm, energetic, approachable and kind, Chileans share the love for their land, which invites you to build relationships beyond boundaries, to live unique experiences and to discover Chile.

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Costa Rica

Very few places on earth offer the variety and serenity that Costa Rica can. Its natural beauty, exciting adventures and amazing wildlife are just a few of the main attractions of this country. Costa Rica is the size of West Virginia and is packed with many National Parks, Biological Reserves and National Wildlife Refuges. This country is also host to one of the most active volcanoes in the world, Arenal volcano. Whether you enjoy hiking through rainforests, whitewater rafting, soaking in natural thermal hot springs, surfing legendary waves, or just relaxing in front of an indescribable sunset, Costa Rica has it all!

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Peru is recognized as one of the eight most diverse countries on earth. Here visitors can experience a rich and ancient culture, thousands of archaeological sites including the Incan capital of Cuzco, Nazca Lines, and the famous lost city of Machu Picchu. Peru’s geography is among the most dramatic and awe-inspiring on earth featuring three distinct climes – the Coastal plains, the Andean highlands and the Amazon jungle.

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