Panama is one of the world’s most historical and beautiful travel destinations ever. Panama is fortunate to border both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. This geography provides them with non-stop sun and sand with over 1000 miles of beaches, and more than 1500 islands. Travel inland a bit and discover rainforests that are most the richest and most complex ecosystems on the planet. One of the most famous attractions in Panama is the Panama Canal. Watch and learn how to the Pacific and Atlantic are joined together by incredible ingenuity. Hike along the 10,000 foot extinct volcano and see the elusive Quetzal and discover seven different Indian tribes that thrive in Panama preserving their own ancestral customs and crafts.

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Ecuador gets its name from the fact that it is crossed by the Equatorial Line. Ecuador is a country full of diverse cultures, climates and landscapes. Ecuador’s impressive natural diversity is due to two circumstances that enjoys their greatest confluence in the Andes of South America. First, Ecuador’s “Middle of the World” location means that Ecuador enjoys a vastly greater diversity of vegetation than say temperate regions. Second, Ecuador’s biological diversity is greatly enhanced by the range in altitudes that the Andes mountain affords the landscape.

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The largest indigenous population in Central America, Guatemala is home to more than 100 distinct ethnic groups who speak more than 20 languages. Our packages include visits to some of the most popular highland destinations of Guatemala. Some of the most popular destinations are: Antigua, a charming colonial city with stone paved streets; Lake Atitlan, which is surrounded by three volcano’s and many colorful villages; Chichicastenango, known for its Indian market held every Thursday and Sunday; and Peten, here you will find Tikal, one of the most spectacular Mayan cities.

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